Colourful dreams of a Malawian fashion designer

February 27, 2013 at 5:25 am (Industry News) (, )

“The beginning is tough but rest of the journey will be smooth for me” says a Malawian fashion designer. Lilly Alfonso of Malawi is adamant of making big in Fashion industry with her unique designs and ideas. When asked about her future projects she claims to hit New York, London and Milan as her prominent fashion streets.

Her work has already been shown in the Africa fashion week last year and most of her designs were appreciated by many big fashion designers. See seeks a position amongst the top fashion designers from ten years now.

“As I grew older, people liked what I was designing, what I was wearing, so that inspired me and I started working on other people. Everywhere where fashion is, I want to be there, and I see myself making it. I do not doubt on that one. I dream big and I’m dreaming in colour” quoted ambitious fashion designer when asked on Africa Dram BBC series.

The fashion designer told her passion for clothes and designing is not new. She used to design and play with clothes in her childhood. She designed clothes of many girls while she spent her childhood in southern city of Blantyre. Retro Fashion was her favourite.

“I’d say fashion, I was born with it. I started when I was young, at the age of six. My mum would bath me and dress me, and I would totally change the design of the dress,” says the Malawian designer.

The passion was her hobby till she was 24. Her mother had two sewing machines with which she started her tailoring business. Her passion was recognised after she won the award of ‘country’s best fashion designer’ at FAME (Malawi Fashion Award) three years ago.

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